2013 finds me again in the South China Sea, this time diving with Tech Thailand on the MV Giamani



For all the background on HMS Repulse and HMS Price of Wales please see the 2012 trip's page


The Dive deck was nice and spacious and the crew where always there to help with kitting up
Stuart and Simon where extremely helpful. Nothing was too much trouble
Time to get wet







Descending to HMS Repulse where you can clearly see the torpedo hole that sunk her










several of Repulse's big guns still point skywards
Stuart and Simon ascending to the skeg on HMS repulse

Stuart and Simon with one of the big guns


Nick on his descent
Petra making her long ascent

Below we are making our way to the Deco Station

It was nice to be able to send up our stage cylinders during our deco, if required there was 100% Oxygen available to on the Bars











Sharing the MP3 player made the deco seem allot shorter especially where we had 1 hour on the wreck and a 2 hour ascent


Peter and Diane climb back aboard

Andy Purdy after an excellent dive


Bryan who took so many Pictures for us all many thanks
Stuart after tying us onto the wreck
The local food on board was excellent
There is always a bigger fish waiting for its chance at an easy dinner

It is amazing considering how long the wrecks have been down, that there is a continuous stream of fuel oil surfacing

I would like to thank John for being a great dive buddy all week

From left to right Liam, Diane, John, Stuart, Petra, Neil, Peter, Chris, Simon, Andrew ,Andy, Nick, Rob

I would like to thank Stuart, Simon and Bryan for making our trip so much fun

if you are interested in any of their trips which cover a very large area and can be tailored to your requirements please contact:-