It has taken along time to manage to get this trip off the ground but at last we arrive in Windhoek Namibia which is south west Africa also known as the Skeleton Coast.



We spend out first night at Auas Game Lodge and go for a walk with Vince where we see a leopard which is kept on the estate also a very rare sighting of an Ardvark


We Arrived at the Agama  Campsite where we spent two nights and visit Solitaire, which when viewed on the map seems to be a large town, but on arriving you will find it to be a petrol station and a cafe where they bake fabulous cakes. We then moved on down to the Namib Naukluft Park to see the large sand dunes


Amongst the dunes is an old lake bed which is scattered with trees that died over 800 years ago. the white clay bed is a stark contrast to the blue sky and bright orange sand which is coloured with rust from its high iron content (the compasses did not work very well here)
We spend a couple of nights in Swakopmund at the Swakopmund Guest House. Swakopmund is a busy town on the west coast of Namibia. there are several very nice restaurants, Markets and we had a great time

The Skeleton Coast is well named as it is littered with wrecks of ships which are driven up on its beaches











Time to practice my friction fire lighting


We Visited a Himba village where they live as they always have. The women cover them selves in Okra which is a very red soft rock



Kelley kept trying to borrow one of the children


You always have to keep alert as there is always something trying to hurt you






We spent a night at the Kavita Lion Lodge where the Africat Foundation has a base. it is a very interesting organisation which is trying to help the big cats live along side the local people

So far on the trip we have seen a small amount of wildlife and mainly fabulous scenery. We now enter Etosha National Park where we will in one day see over 100 Giraffe alone.




 here we find a mating pair. they mate roughly every 15 minutes through the day.


We where lucky to be at a waterhole when at least sixty elephants came to drink. the dominant male greeted every group as they came to drink and stood facing us the entire time to make sure we would not be a threat

 Namibian sunsets are awsome
A typical Camp, where Vince has managed to make us so comfortable in the wilderness
from the left Vincent, Emily, Gavin, Andrew, Kelley, Jeremy, John, Kerstin, Linsey, Jake

I would like to thank Vincent for all his hard work in making our trip so much fun and hassle free. Any one wishing to go on such a trip please contact Vincent on I can guarantee you will have fond memories for the rest of your life.